June 07 2016

Webinar: How to target the female buyer

She's smart. She's savvy. She spends. How to target the female buyer.

Women have a tremendous amount of purchasing power and influence in the U.S. today, driving 70%-80% of all consumer purchasing. In addition to buying for themselves, as the primary caregivers for children and the elderly, women buy for the people who live in their households, extended family, and friends as well. And even if a woman isn’t physically paying for something herself, she is often the decision maker for her household’s expenditures and the key influence or veto behind someone else’s purchase.

Women make an impact on your bottom line that can’t be ignored. In this webinar, we discussed:

  • Knowing who your customer base is.
  • The differences between the way men & women shop.
  • Shopping in-store vs online vs a combination of both.
  • How to capture and retain female shoppers.
  • Effectively targeting your customers based on age. We’ll be sharing the results of a survey that polls female buyers.

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