May 06 2016

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Best Practices for Maintaining Your Ecommerce Site

When you launch a new ecommerce site, it’s perfect – or pretty close to it! You just spent months ensuring that the design represents your brand, you scrutinized over content assets, the navigation is user-friendly and your product merchandising is fully optimized. You take a step back, breathe a sigh of relief, and transition into post-implementation life. (Trust me, I know the feeling – I just went through it myself!)

While you may welcome the calm after the storm, you cannot lose that passion for perfection – ever. In order to maintain the best possible image for your brand, your site absolutely cannot be static. You have to keep people engaged, keep them interested in your brand, and keep them wanting to come back.

Here are a few simple ways to make sure your site stays fresh.

  1. Content, content, content. Counteract that “been there, done that” feeling with new content – blog posts, look books, banner images. And make it impactful – customers love to get advice from the experts, see new ways to accessorize products, etc.
  2. Merchandising. You took great care to make sure that every product was merchandised in the correct category with the appropriate priority attached, cross sells and upsells were thoughtfully selected, and you had a bounty of product images so customers could get the full effect of the product. It may be a lot of work, but it’s worth it – now is not the time to get lazy with merchandising.
  3. Marketing. Know who your shoppers are and market to them with specific promotions and dynamic content. In today’s digital world, there’s no arguing that personalization increases conversion. So keep abreast of your various customer groups, how they’re shopping your site, what they’re buying, and use that data to continue to appeal to them.
  4. Analytics. Analytics are so critical to your success. They provide a window into your customers’ journey – what they’re searching for and clicking on, where they’re dropping off your site, what they’re purchasing. Use the analytics to make informed decisions for site updates, promotions, etc.

We recently re-launched in February 2016, and I can tell you that the site looks much different now than it did just three months prior. I’m not talking about making substantial changes to the site structure or navigation – that would just confuse returning visitors. There has to be some consistency. But we’ve added a countless number of press releases, started an active blog, updated the homepage banner monthly with a promo for our webinars, and built out our Solutions page. If we don’t continuously add value to our site with new, engaging content, visitors would have no reason to return – but beyond that, you actually want to give them a reason to return. We also share our new content on social media to drive traffic back to our site, which is a recommended best practice.

The key takeaway here is to remember that your site is a living, breathing reflection of your brand and you want to make sure that you’re leaving a lasting positive impression.

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